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Marketing Tips: Why You Should Never Set It and Forget It

By Keith H January 12, 2019

How wonderfully luxurious is cruise control? Pick a number, press a button, done.


Media Buying Tips: Don’t Buy A Sales Package Until You Read This

By Keith H December 24, 2018

Limited Time Offer! Buy Now... 🤔

Your phone is bouncing off the hook lately. Unfortunately,..

10 Things NOT TO DO At A Boat Show

By Keith H November 26, 2018

What Attending Dozens Of Boat Shows Taught Us…

Boat shows are one of the best opportunities to..

Small Business Saturday: A Thank You To Those Who Run America

By Keith H November 21, 2018

I was discussing potential ideas for upcoming blog posts with a brilliant writer/editor in the..

Announcing The SIX “Do Good Grant” - $200,000 In FREE Marketing!

By Keith H November 20, 2018

The First Ever SIX "Do Good Grant"!

“Do Good” is one of our core values. And, if you know..

Emotions Equal Decisions

By Keith H October 19, 2018

Capture A Prospects Heart, And You’ll Capture A Customer.

A few weeks back, I had the fortune of..

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Live Event Marketing

By Keith H October 12, 2018

It’s Not Hyperbole To Say We Live In The Communication Era, Yet, Face To Face Interaction Is At..

6 Noteworthy Advertising Agencies in Saratoga Springs

By Keith H September 26, 2018
Not everyone we come across is our client. And at the same time, our agency is not right for..

The Least Trusted People in America, Ouch!

By Keith H September 19, 2018

What do politicians, marketers and salesmen all have in common? People don't trust them! Let's..

Augmented Vs. Virtual Reality: A Way To Make $470 Million in 80 Days!

By Keith H August 28, 2018

July 6th, 1776: The Declaration of Independence appears on the cover of the “PA Evening Gazette”.

Bring "Human" To Business

By Christopher Ryan August 24, 2018

The day started out just like every other but ended in turmoil. Recently, a pseudo-Armageddon..

A Summer at SIX

By The Innovative Interns August 17, 2018

Hi there! We are SIX's most recent college interns, Emma & Lauren, here to tell you about our..

Independence Day and Lessons in Achievement

By Howard Litwak August 14, 2018

Our country widely celebrates the achievement of its independence. By examining the events..

GDPR- Goin Down For Real

By Keith H May 25, 2018

Now as much as I wish this was a Flo Rida and Sage The Gemini jam, GDPR is a serious issue for..


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