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Emotions Equal Decisions

Capture A Prospects Heart, And You’ll Capture A Customer.

A few weeks back, I had the fortune of sitting among a group of entrepreneurs; all seeking guidance on how to attract customers and “brand their business”. Branding being a hot buzzword these days.

The keynote speaker at this early morning conference was the former Branding Director for Coca-Cola. Remember the resurgence of Cherry Coke at the turn of the Millenium? This was the guy behind it.

During his presentation, he mentioned two things which captured my A.D.H.D littered brain:

  1. Tell your prospective customers a story. Your story.
  2. And a study. What was this study? Well...

“Recently it was shown, people who were unable to process or show emotion, were also incapable of making decisions.”


This is marketing gold.

If you can somehow capture someone's emotions, then you can ultimately assist in their decision-making process.

First, we had to do some research to find out if his advice was true.

DR. ANTONIO DAMASIO is a professor of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy at the University of Southern California as well as the head of the Brain and Creativity Institute.

He conducted a study on individuals with damage to the frontal lobe of their brain. The area which limits, or more so negates emotion. In this study he found these individuals could do everything a person does in their typical day—except one.

They could not make a decision. No matter its consequence.

You’ll note in the study the progression of human emotion: Stimuli, Emotion, Decision, and Feelings.

Ever felt your heart race with joy or anxiety?

Have you ever felt your heart sink when finding out someone you love wants to leave?

When someone dies?

  • You hear the news (Stimuli),
  • Your heart races (Emotion),
  • You decide how you’re going to react (Decision)
  • Your brain tells you how you feel about it. (Feelings)

Now think about business, not your business, the companies who are monsters at marketing and have a loyal following.

They all are successful at:

  • Stimuli: Compelling copy, commercial, images, logos, etc.
  • Emotional Response: How does the potential consumer see or hear this?
  • Decision: Does the customer react? How do they react? Do they want to buy? Call? Act?
  • Feelings: How do they feel when they think of you and your company? Do they feel if they don’t act, they will be missing out? (Think “Black Friday” deals. Do you really need a 46-inch TV for $195?)

Starting to make sense now, isn’t it? Let’s take it a step further and go back to why all those entrepreneurs were at this conference I was attending.

The Power of Branding

We think of “Brand” or “Branding” incessantly when it comes to who we are as a business. What other image does the term branding conjure up? Taking a literal “hot brand” and branding cattle, ya?

Imagine this, if you make a strong enough emotional connection with a customer/consumer, you won’t brand them, but they will brand themselves!

Don’t believe us?

Go to a NASCAR race and see how many people in the crowd have a Chevy or Ford tattoo. (Favorite joke: How does a NASCAR fan count to 10? One, two, Earnhardt, four, five…)

Go to your local coffee shop and see how many millennials proudly display a sticker of an Apple on their Apple computer.

Take a drive around town and see how many people have a bumper sticker of the Red Sox, Yankees, Giants, Cowboys…

Thinking to yourself,

“Ya, that’s all well and good, but I’m not a multi-million/billion dollar company.”?

Remember, there was a time they weren’t either!

And there has never been a better time in history for you to tell your story. The world is getting smaller and people are searching for businesses they believe in. Remember....

“People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It!”

-Simon Sinek

Customers of today are not the customers of years gone by ...

... they think differently! They’re craving for something, anything different! They’re tired of the old. They don’t care about it. They care about new. They care about tomorrow! Isn't it time for you to start thinking differently about your brand? And about the relationship you are trying to plant, water, and grow with your customers.

Stop trying to make them loyal to you. Stop telling them to be loyal to you. Start telling them a story. Start by telling them YOUR story. If it's a fraction as good as you know it to be, then they will turn into your best brand advocates.

We would be honored if you let us help tell your story.





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