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Christopher RyanAug 24, 20181 min read

Bring "Human" To Business

The day started out just like every other but ended in turmoil. Recently, a pseudo-Armageddon struck the emotional core of our SIX team. 

One of the most important things to any company, and especially to SIX is our core values. Be Human is one of those values and it means that when interacting with other people doesn't go as planned, it's often a good idea and take a step back and understand there may be more going on then you could possibly know.

So, here's what happened all in one day. 

  • A tire caught a screw for our VP of Sales and he spent the afternoon dropping a couple hundred bones
  • One of our junior strategists had to put down a lifelong pet
  • A friend had to also put down their dog
  • Our CEO's aunt passed away
  • A subcontractor team member and friend lost a job
  • The building owner lost our rent check
  • Our 3-week old conference room TV broke

Pretty rough day all around, right? Mind you; we are a smaller, boutique agency too.

The point of all of this doom and gloom is that it's important to understand when a client or colleague seems out of sort and could cause you stress to think there just might be other "life" things at play. We all expect to go to work and win the rat race day after day but sometimes things don't go your way. We have all had numerous "I need a drink" moments, but we are marketers so that's allowed in our world, thanks to Mad Men. 

So, the next time a client or advertising rep or colleague drives you crazy, just think, there may be something else going on.

And you know what... at the end of the day:

  • Our VP got a new tire and didn't have a highway blowout
  • Those who lost love ones got to come together as a family and find some comfort in celebrating life 
  • Our subcontractor realized they hated their position anyway and is ready to take on the world
  • We wrote another check for the landlord
  • And Best Buy hooked us up with a new TV

Core values are important to us, and even though we aren't perfect we try to Be Human every single day. 


Christopher Ryan

CEO & Supreme Commander | SIX Marketing