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6 Noteworthy Advertising Agencies in Saratoga Springs

authorIcon By Keith H
Not everyone we come across is our client. And at the same time, our agency is not right for everyone. In an effort to provide you, the prospective customer, a more thorough understanding of who does what, we are going to provide you a list of agencies other than SIX. And from there you can judge for yourself. Our goal here at SIX is to educate our clients, and this is just another way for us to do so.  

Why are we going to tell you about our competitors?

Because this isn’t car sales cats and kittens--Not everyone is our customer. More often than not, in the advertising agency world, at least for us, we look to see if there is potential for a cohesive, tenacious relationship between us and the prospective client. We can’t speak for other agencies, but that’s what we look for here at SIX.

So, we want to provide you options to see for yourself, if there is potential for a relationship between your business and an advertising agency with your best interest at heart.

And speaking of other agencies—Here is a list, in no particular order or any sort of preference, of 6 Advertising Agencies in the Saratoga Springs area.

(Full Disclosure: We compiled this list by choosing agencies within a 10 mile radius of Saratoga Springs. All information about these agencies has come directly from their site without any prior knowledge or any sort of agreement between they and SIX Marketing.)

 LIFT -LIFT is a sports, entertainment and attractions Marketing and Advertising Agency. We specialize in delivering custom launch marketing plans tied to revenue and attendance projections. We offer a better way to maximize success and have earned a reputation for smart strategies, flexibility and speed. We collaborate with you to build the optimal business approach that serve your goals. It’s what we deliver that matters. 

Brainworks Studio - Our staff consists of graphic designers, web builders. Photographers, videographers, musicians, social media gurus, marketing strategists, and oh; we love dogs. What keeps us getting out of bed every day is the cool fun stuff we get to create, design, build, and deploy. Our mission is to create concerted marketing programs that stand out and get you business.

Normandin Marketing - We plan, design, develop, launch, and optimize custom solutions that set new standards in marketing performance. Have you ever heard of a marketing agency that can actually prove its strategies, ideas, and execution of both resulted in annual growth for its clients? Neither had we. Since 2011, our retained clients have sustained an annual top-line growth rate of 20%+, year over year. We’ve now produced more than 10,000 campaigns and creative project solutions for over 200 unique businesses; from start-ups, to publicly traded companies. Our engagements range from strategic marketing planning, rapid project conceptualization, and integrated campaigns, to multi-year comprehensive service partnerships.

Social Radiant - Social Radiant is committed to helping organizations take advantage of the new digital world-Integrating Marketing Efforts across different media and social platforms to expand customer base, build loyalty and increase sales.

Imagine That Marketing - We’re about results. And we have the impressive numbers to prove it. For clients with budgets in the hundreds of thousands, as well as those with budgets in the thousands. Want to get there fast? Call us. Then buckle in.

Fingerpaint -Defined by a culture of uncommon collaboration, sharp strategy, and award-winning creative, we apply all three to make brands relevant, persuasive, and—above all else—more human. With headquarters in Saratoga Springs, New York, and offices in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Columbus, Ohio, we’re off the beaten path, but that’s where trailblazers live

 There you have it. Here is a list of 6 other advertising agencies in the Saratoga Springs area other than SIX Marketing.

BREAKING NEWS: Marketers and salespeople are “almost” The Least Trusted People in America, Ouch!

If you were to take a look at this blog, you will see the graph we saw at INBOUND. Do you know the second most trusted profession?


Why do they have parent/teacher conferences? So the parent can meet with the teacher to get to know them. To get a sense if this person has your child's best interest at heart. While getting an outside, expert opinion on what may be the best course of action for your child moving forward.

To many of you, your business is your child.

Hopefully, by reading this, you will find yourself better equipped to choose the agency who you trust like a teacher.

An agency who will collaborate with you to find the best course of action for your business, your child.




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