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2024 marketing trends futuristic structure
Hope Relly-CobbFeb 06, 20249 min read

2024 Marketing Trends: Predictions from the SIX Team

We talk about trends a lot in marketing. And in Q1, there always seems to be an abundance of social posts, blog articles, and downloadable reports touting the top trends that will define marketing in the year ahead. So what will be the top marketing trends of 2024? 

Well, you might want to look elsewhere. At SIX, we're less concerned with the latest shiny objects than we are with the tactics we see working in the real world. 

The noun trends has two definitions (according to Google, courtesy of Oxford):

  1. A general direction in which something is developing or changing.
  2. A fashion.  

It's the trending (1) vs. the trendy (2). In the age of social media, it feels like the second definition has become the default. 

But the first definition matters so much more. How are marketing tactics evolving? What direction do we see them going in? What could make a real difference for our clients, based on their industries and target audiences?

That's what we've asked a few members of our team to pitch in their two cents about. So without further ado, here are 10 marketing trends (in no particular order) that our team thinks could make a difference for your business in 2024. 


1 - Digital technology adoption

If you haven't already, 2024 might be the year to finally upgrade your systems and processes to use the latest technology. Doing so can help you become more efficient, keep better track of your sales process, and measure success in a more meaningful way. 


B2B companies are increasingly embracing digital technologies to streamline operations, and improve customer experience and marketing efforts. This includes using advanced CRM systems, marketing tools, and data analytics; along with even AI to better understand and engage with prospects and customers. The emphasis is on creating a seamless digital journey that makes sense for enterprise prospects.

— Leah Parillo, VP of Business Development, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: Could any of your current processes be more streamlined if you used the right technology? Would streamlining have a significant impact your operations or marketing efforts?


2 - Using personal data ethically

There's been talk for a while about how data privacy rules and the gradual phasing out of third-party tracking cookies in 2024 will impact digital marketing. If you've begun to gather your own first-party data, this year is the time to start using that data in an impactful way. 


In 2024, businesses will need to learn how to implement effective marketing strategies while adhering to privacy laws and respecting personal information.

With the right approach, using personal data ethically can strengthen your ability to develop long-term relationships with your prospects and customers, and exponentially increase the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts. 

— Christopher Ryan, CEO, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: As data privacy makes it more difficult to target your audience based on personal data, do you have a strategy in place to ensure you continue to market to the right people? 


3 - Security & compliance

From staying compliant with data privacy laws, to having a communications plan in place in the event of a security breach, 2024 should be the year you put some extra focus on security and compliance. 


The threat of hackers grows every minute. Data has never been more important to protect. Everything from user information, to banking, etc. It's important for companies to have a dedicated plan for compliance/security as part of their marketing efforts. It's the unsexy piece, but can save thousands if put in place correctly.

— Tara Gearhart, HubSpot Platinum Partner, Founder & CEO of tMedia Consulting


Actionable question: Do you have measures in place to ensure your customers' data is secure? If there were to be a security breach, do you have a plan on how to respond? 


4 - Thought leadership from individual contributors

Every company does it: they post from their corporate social media accounts and write content that they publish under their brand names. And that's still a good thing to do. But on social media, it's individual contributors who are receiving the most engagement.

On the internet, people tend to trust individual thought leaders over companies. If you have experts on your team who are respected in your industry, help them become thought leaders. 


Now that anyone can churn out good-enough content with AI, the people behind your content will matter more than ever. With every brand vying for attention, you need something unique and highly valuable to provide to your audience. Your team's expertise.

In B2B, other companies will ultimately decide to work with you because of your expertise and experience in your industry. So why not let your own subject matter experts help you build trust with your audience? Ask them to highly valuable content from their own LinkedIn account. Ask them to reshare your brand's content with a note. Ask them to write a blog on a timely topic. Your marketing agency can provide editing and best-practices guidance along the way, but if your team's expertise is what you're selling, sell it. 

— Hope Relly-Cobb, Director of Content & Senior Analyst, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: Do you have any experts on your team who would be a good fit to become a voice in your industry? 


5- Being human

A while back, Google rolled out an algorithm update to prioritize "helpful content." Content that Google considers helpful is written for humans (not for search engine algorithms) and strives to answer their search queries in a truly helpful, insightful way. Being human in your marketing is important for SEO, but in 2024, it's just as important for all of your marketing materials.


Companies that deliver a human experience and meet customers where they digest content, and provide relevant, valuable insights, will earn trust.  

People want to talk to people more than ever. We are in the midst of the AI boom and have tools that can automate just about anything you do. This creates an opportunity to let the human element shine through the automated noise. 

— Sam Ash, Senior Account Manager & Strategist, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: Is your content written by humans, for humans? Does it provide truly helpful information to educate your audience and answer their questions? 


marketing trends 2024 light in tunnel

6 - Account-based marketing (ABM) & personalization

Account-based marketing (ABM) has been around for a while now, but it isn't always personalized to the extent it should be. This year, try to really personalize your outreach campaigns to your individual prospects' needs by focusing on only a handful of accounts at a time. 


Account-based marketing continues to be a staple in B2B marketing; mainly 1:1 or 1:few. B2B marketers focus on personally targeted channels to engage key accounts. This includes developing personalized and strategic communication, and marketing strategies for individual businesses and/or decision-makers within those businesses. Personalization, especially in terms of content and communication, is crucial for building strong relationships.

— Leah Parillo, VP of Business Development, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: If you understood the pain points, needs, and goals of each prospect better, do you think you would generate more leads and close more deals? 


7 - Influencer marketing

Need to get in front of your audience and build trust? Influencer marketing will continue to be a great tactic if it's done well. Find the right influencer(s) who have the ear of your ideal customers and find organic ways to have them promote your products or services. 


Influencer marketing [is] syncing your brand where your target personas are, but taking it further and having those that command market share and share of voice (SOV) already endorsing, promoting, or using your product. Think of it as the radio ad, but for social media/digital. 

— Tara Gearhart, HubSpot Platinum Partner, Founder & CEO of tMedia Consulting


Actionable question: Do you already know someone in your industry who your potential customers trust? How can you involve them in your marketing? 


8 - Personalizing & humanizing AI

2023 was the year that AI took off. 2024 will be the year when companies learn the right way to use the technology to their advantage. Avoid leaping into shady tactics that promise quick wins and instead focus on finding ways to humanize AI. 


2024 will be a definitive year when it comes to AI. Personalizing and humanizing AI can increase all aspects of business. Companies that take the time to leverage the technology to truly enhance their efforts will stand apart from those companies that try to cut corners to achieve quick wins. 

Using AI to generate high volumes of low-value content is one of these "quick wins." Years ago, we saw a similar situation when companies used "black hat" search engine optimization (SEO) tactics (like keyword stuffing or buying backlinks) to get to the top of search results. Many marketers and companies were canceled literally overnight with one Google algorithm update. 

— Christopher Ryan, CEO, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: How can you use AI to augment current processes or strategies, instead of replacing them? 


9 - Authenticity 

Want to build better connections with your audience? In 2024, you might want to find ways to make your brand feel more genuine and organic. Brands that hide behind empty superlatives, industry jargon, and trendy buzzwords attract skepticism. But brands that humanize themselves come across as open, honest, and mission-oriented companies that people want to do business with. 


Especially in technical, B2B industries, people don't trust anything that sounds too promotional. Some don't trust marketing, period. And now with AI-generated content, there's even more reason for the skeptical to distrust what you have to say. 

That's where personalization, humanization, and leveraging your own team of subject matter experts can help. In order to rise above the noise and gain the trust of your audience, you'll need to position your brand as an authentic and truly helpful expert in your industry. 

— Hope Relly-Cobb, Director of Content & Senior Analyst, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: How skeptical is your target audience? How can you change your brand so it better resonates with them? 


10 - Back to basics

With so much changing in marketing, 2024 is a great time to reevaluate your strategy and refocus on what really matters: your current and future customers. Taking the time to regroup and refine your marketing might be the thing that makes all the difference this year. 


Marketing investments are being evaluated and repurposed to the activities that will have the most impact. Talk to your customers to understand their needs so you can deliver a "real human" experience that provides tangible value to your target audience. 

— Sam Ash, Senior Account Manager & Strategist, SIX Marketing


Actionable question: When was the last time you took a hard look at your marketing efforts? 


Want more trends? 

These are just a handful of the marketing trends we're seeing on the ground. And like all trends, it's important to take a long, hard look at them to see if they're the right fit for your business and industry.

That's why we often act as a marketing consultant or fractional CMO for our clients. We evaluate the tactics they could be using and identify the ones they should be using, based on their goals, industries, and target audiences.

Interested in learning about these and other trends? Book a short call with one of our experts to discuss how they could fit into your 2024 marketing plan. 


Hope Relly-Cobb

Director of Content & Senior Analyst | SIX Marketing