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National Radio Day
Keith H.Aug 16, 20181 min read

An Ode To Radio


Happy National Radio Day

Radio, we love you here at SIX Marketing.

Why do we love radio so much? Because, for one, it's affordable. Many businesses claim they "don't have enough money to advertise." With radio, they not only can afford it, but they also can hit more customers in one shot than many other mediums combined!

Radio is also highly effective. Radio equals reach! For example, a 50,000-watt radio station can hit as far as 50-100 miles in each direction! How insane is that?!?

But radio does so much more ...

Why is a predominately digital and social agency going to bat for radio? Simple, it works, if you build it into a holistic marketing approach. Every client is unique and has custom needs - but we've found great success on multiple occasions with a variety of clients - by bridging modern and traditional methods.

So without further adieu, we give you our Ode to Radio!

Radio awakens the imagination and moves the soul.

Radio angers you to the point of boycott or better yet, driving to the station to punch a talk show host. (Please don't do that.)

Radio distracts during your arduous AM and PM commute.

Radio makes your feet shuffle a little faster as you go for that jog which was "the last thing I want to do right now."

Radio is invisible yet visceral.

Radio makes you forget for a moment.

Radio makes you remember the special ones.

And radio is one heck of a marketing tool too.

We heard someone say once, “Radio is air. Nothing but air.”

Our response:

“Yes, and what is more essential to survival than air?”

We'll let that marinate for a bit.

Whether free, terrestrial radio, whether it’s a podcast devoted to people who love cats with extra paws, or whether it's those who are willing to actually pay for radio just to hear Howard Stern.

We salute you today radio!

We believe in you!

We love you!

And we thank you!

Contact us at SIX Marketing today so we can share with you our strategies for helping your business grow with radio.


Keith H.

Social Media Strategist | SIX Marketing