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The SIX TeamJan 28, 20162 min read

The Perfect Tagline Recipe

I remember the first time someone said “it would be so fun and easy to be in marketing, creating slogans and commercials for fun brands.” I have to admit I laughed. It is fun, especially when something awesome happens from all our hard work. A slogan is much more complicated than you’d think! Similar to baking, it has to have all the right ingredients in order to leave a good taste in your consumers mouths. It must be tasty enough for them to come back for more.



2 cups memorable

3 tbsp simple

½ cup beneficial

2 tsp differentiator

3 cups positivity



2 cups memorable

In this world, immediate satisfaction is what we expect. We want an image to convey exactly what it means right away. The same goes for a slogan. If a consumer doesn’t associate your brand with your tagline right away, chances are they will forget it. If we were to say a few large brands would you be able to tell us their taglines? McDonalds? Subway? Maybelline? We bet yes.


3 tablespoons simple

You aren’t going to remember or be able to repeat a tagline that’s 14 words long. “Got Milk?” was one of our favorites. Simple, to the point and definitely memorable.


½ cup beneficial

Your consumers should know what your product is immediately after digesting the tagline. “They melt in your mouth, not in your hand.” from M&M is clear - something fantastic is about to hit your tastebuds - and fast. Think Disney, they “sell” magic not movies or tickets. Disney lives and breathes your childhood dreams and fantasies. What experience does your brand provide?


2 teaspoons differentiator

What sets your brand apart from its competitors? Does your salad dressing have the least amount of calories? Does it cost less than other brands? Find what it is that gives you a leg up on your competitors and incorporate that into your recipe.



3 cups positivity

Use words and messages that promote positivity. While “steak only a cow could hate” (thanks, HubSpot) seems funny, it reminds you that when you eat that steak, somewhere down the line a cow was killed. That doesn’t make you feel good. Leave a good impression on the audience!


What brands have delicious taglines?


Nike: “Just Do It”


Skittles: “Taste the Rainbow”

Verizon “Can You Hear Me Now? Good.”

Mastercard: “Priceless”


What a satisfying meal. Amirite? Share your favorite taglines with us!


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