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Keith H. Mar 31, 2020 5 min read

Now's Your Time To Create Content

Back in  2008, the country was collapsing. The housing market was in crisis. Banks were being shut down. And people’s retirement accounts were dying. 

Meanwhile, in Warsaw, Virginia, Marcus Sheridan and his company, River Pools, didn’t know what to do. Put yourself in his position, he’s the owner of a company that sold fiberglass in-ground pools while people were having their houses foreclosed at an unprecedented rate.  

It’s comparable to being the organizer of a Hug-A-Thon during the current pandemic of COVID-19.  

Simply put, he was in an unenviable situation. So, what did Marcus do? Did he close up shop? 

No.  He got creative with his content.

Today, the only certainty that exists is that we’re in uncertain times. As we write this, the world is rapidly changing.  It has gone from day by day, to hour by hour, and sometimes minute by minute. 

And if anyone is telling you they have the cure for all of your stressors with the current state of affairs the world is facing--Well, we have a piece of oceanfront property in Vermont to sell you. 

However, there are things you could, and in our expert opinion, should be doing.  What are they? 

They are upping your content game.

In this piece, we’re going to provide you three ways to create content that will take advantage of the situation we’re all facing. Yes, let us say this again--we will help you take advantage of your current situation. 

Now, let’s get something established, we’re not going to tell you how to speak to your customers. Let’s face it if you’ve been in the jewelry business for 25 years, who are we to tell you how to speak to someone looking to buy an engagement ring?  No, that would be foolish on our part. 

Our goal with this blog is to show you WAYS you can communicate with your customers. What do we mean by that? Well, we guess you just have to keep reading to find out. 

Phase One: Create Content That Connects. 

When the housing crisis happened back in 2008, Marcus Sheridan and his partners were in big trouble.  Then, they did something brilliant -- they became experts in their business. How did they do that? They answered questions. Sheridan is quoted as saying, “I realized early on that the golden rule of content marketing is they ask, you answer.”

Creating content that connects needs to be specific to the concerns of your customer base. Don’t take it from a business owner perspective, take it from your consumer’s point of view.  Understand their issues, their concerns--Or, better yet, ask them directly and then cater your content to answer those questions. 


Phase Two: Be Human 

One of our core values here at SIX Marketing is to “Be Human.” Has there ever been a more appropriate time to show your customers the people behind your company? Many people, not all, but a substantial amount of us appreciate it when they hear someone voice their displeasure over a circumstance similar to their own. 

People don’t want Pollyanna, people want people.  

Face it, we live in an automated world where everything seems to be a click or two away.  Instead, give them human stories of struggle. Provide them moments of triumph. But more than anything, reassure them that you too have questions concerns and worries. 

Simply put, create content that is human. It won’t make them think less of you.  Instead, they will appreciate your transparency. 


Phase Three: Do Good

Another one of our core values here at SIX Marketing is “Do Good.”  

More than ever, generations of people are searching out businesses with a high moral and ethical compass.  

They’re seeking out businesses that treat customers more than just a figure and/or a provider of currency.  

They want to do business with companies they’re proud to say they do business with.  


  • If your company is able to support another company on its social media page, then do it.  
  • If your company has the ability to do business with another local small business, then do it. 
  • If your company is able to provide your service for free during a time of struggle, then do it. 

We just suggest you do something. If you do, people will provide you the greatest marketing in the world--word of mouth. 

There Is No Cure-All Content Out There

If you’re hoping for one form of content to cure all of your companies ills--Sorry, it doesn’t exist.  

If you can blog, then blog. If you have a series of blogs, create an e-book and send it out using your email list. 

If you can do live videos of you supporting another local business--do that. Have them in it. More than likely, they’ll do the same back. At the very least, they’ll share the content. 

If you’re really strong at creating podcasts--then have at it.  Invite other businesses on there. Discuss struggles and concerns. Seek out solutions, brainstorm ideas, ask the listeners to chime in, etc. 

Just do something. 

Because, and here is the hard truth--doing nothing will get you just that, nothing.  

Doing nothing is NOT an answer to a problem.  

Want more proof? Good.

Marcus Sheridan of River Pools used all his content marketing to not only survive the dismal time that was known at the Great Recession--River Pools website, as of this article in 2013, was the number one most visited pool website in the world.  


We Are Here To Help

If you need help creating content that connects…

If you’re struggling with how to be human with your content…

If you’re wondering how to show the world the good that you do on a daily basis…

Contact SIX Marketing today for your free consultation. 




Because working together is how we all get through this…

We wish you, your family, and your business the best of health!


Keith H.

Social Media Strategist | SIX Marketing