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The SIX Team Mar 24, 2016 2 min read

The Branding Style Guide You Never Thought You'd Need


“I don’t need a whole brand style guide, I’m a small business and I have the logo files.” It’s a line we’ve heard before. Our response? “Isn’t your dream to continue to grow and prosper? Why not get the processes out of the way now to bypass growing pains?” Let us help you. Whatever your business size, as the owner, CEO, executive, even all the way down to the intern it always feels like you don’t have time to worry about setting a foundation. Even marketing agencies have to find the time to market themselves, and that’s our job!

Let us paint you a picture: your business triples in 2016. We’ll use Death Wish Coffee for example. A smaller coffee company from our home base of Saratoga Springs, NY received global recognition when they won a commercial spot between the 3rd and 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. Yes, you heard that right, the SUPER BOWL. Since airing, publications like AdWeek (and many other well-knowns) have written about them and their social shares have gone through the roof.

It is every business owner's dream, but perhaps unexpectedly you are getting orders you don’t know how to fill and global recognition you weren’t planning for (note: this isn't a report on Death Wish; just a what if). Graphic design fans are showing their love for you by painting your logo pink and blasting it on social media. But, the logo is unrecognizable and pink isn’t exactly the color that represents your brand. 

BRAND GUIDELINES, PEOPLE. It doesn’t seem to sink in until we send in that panicky feeling.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk. A specific well thought out brand style guide has 5 distinct advantages.

  1. It’s Great for Brand Continuity

  2. It Enhances Your Reputation

  3. It Defines Your Commitment to Excellence

  4. It Saves You TIME

  5. It Protects Your IP

Once you have a set of specific brand guidelines, your brand is positioned EXACTLY how you envisioned it. Everyone has a clear distinction of how you should be represented down to the font and size they should be using. Don’t assume people get your brand, tell them what it is and define what it’s intended to portray.  With any luck, they will adopt your brand vision and share it the way it's intended.

Trust us, your life will be so much easier when you simply share the guide with everyone who needs it.  A wise man once told me “a little time invested in your brand will turn that spark into an inferno”.

If you have made it this far, you deserve a reward. Get your free brand style guide template below!

Download Your Free Brand Style Guide Template


Of course, if you have any questions, thoughts, concerns or ideas, contact us immediately.


The SIX Team

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