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with SIX Marketing's signature LinkedIn program!

There are many LinkedIn lead gen programs out there, but none like SIX's. Our signature LinkedIn program, which includes strategy and a built-in SDR, delivers more targeted messaging, generates more high-quality leads, and drives more engagement. 

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Signature Program Details

  • Automated outreach using proprietary software to target industry/persona lists beyond the 20 out-of-network InMails allowed by Sales Navigator.
  • Personalized, conversational messaging written by marketing and sales experts.
  • Targeted list building using Sales Navigator tools.
  • Network connections growth (for the client's account being used for outreach).
  • Built-in Sales Development Representative to manage communication daily and book appointments.
  • Management of all contacts and CRM updates, as needed.
  • End-of-week reporting, including a CSV file of all leads for follow-up.
  • Program is up and running within 2 weeks.


An average of 2-3 meetings booked per week (depending on industry) and an average benchmarked connection rate of 21%.

What sets our program apart?


There are a lot of LinkedIn lead gen platforms out there, but that's not what we are. We're a full-service marketing agency and we provide strategy every step of the way. We'll strategize the best targets and messaging before the campaign launches, manage the outreach, and deliver high-quality leads. And, if you choose, we can also develop a longer-term strategy for nurturing those leads into deals. 


What's the next step after LinkedIn outreach? Although our program functions on its own, our clients have the option to transition into a larger ABM strategy. Account-based marketing (ABM) targets select, high value accounts. Our LinkedIn program can act as the first step that determines the accounts we target. From there, we deliver personalized marketing to your leads and nurture them into becoming your most loyal accounts.

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