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Do Good Grant


The Do Good Experience--Nationally Focused, Locally Motivated

“So, what does everybody think?” Christopher Ryan, the CEO of SIX Marketing, asked the room.

He wasn’t asking about what we’re all thankful for on this last day before the staff of SIX took a long weekend to celebrate Christmas. No, no, he was asking who we were going to choose to receive almost a quarter-million dollars in advertising and services...for free!

And the room, as it commonly is when you surround yourself with bright, opinionated, creative people, was divided.


The Do Good Grant and Why We Created It

‘Do good’ is one of the core values of SIX Marketing.

It’s a mantra with the purpose of helping someone and/or something every single day. It can be the smallest of tweaks, like suggesting a hashtag for a social media post, or a game-changing act, such as mapping out the next year of a company's marketing plan.

While our tactics are constantly changing due to situations and circumstances, the objective never changes. Do something kind because it could change someone's day or life for the better.

With this as a fundamental belief of SIX Marketing, coupled with our expertise in dealing with the Google Ad Grant program, the marriage was obvious. This is how we decided to create the “Do Good Grant.”

The Do Good Grant consists of up to $120,000 in Google Ads (courtesy of the Google Ad Grant), plus an additional $80,000 in SIX Marketing services.

But how do we determine who receives this potentially game-changing marketing plan?


The Selection Process

Once we announced the creation of the Do Good Grant, SIX asked for applications from any and all non-profits.

The results were astounding and somewhat overwhelming. We received dozens of applications from a wide variety of organizations, each possessing extraordinary causes. We, the staff of SIX Marketing, were asked to take a pile of applications and each pick our favorites.

Choosing the finalists was as difficult as it sounds. It was as if we were on Shark Tank and stepping on the carpet before us was noble cause after noble cause. Each having an emotional story to tell. Each having a profound effect on their intended audience.

Once we all went through and came up with our two, Christopher gathered us, some physically, some remotely, and asked, “so, what does everybody think?”

We each took turns informing the room of our selections and giving our reasons why. When we narrowed it down to two, one of us suggested we call the two finalists and talk to them.

Which is precisely what Christopher did. And when he came back, it was clear. Our winner was Beyond My Battle.




What is Beyond My Battle?

Beyond My Battle is a non-profit organization that focuses on the mental and emotional well-being of those who suffer from chronic disease and illness. Based in Saratoga Springs, NY, Beyond My Battle started in 2016 when two friends with vastly different incurable diseases discovered an untapped sense of understanding.

Their mission was clear, use mindfulness, awareness, and compassion to relieve the inherent stress of having, or loving someone, with a serious illness or disability.

And we wanted to help let the world know about this organization’s wonderful cause.



Our Experience With Beyond My Battle

Whenever you start a relationship, there is excitement splashed with anxiety. The newness of it all is exhilarating. Meanwhile, you’re trying to discover how to best work with your new partner. And that was exactly what this was, a partnership. Not only were we working with a company we hadn’t worked with previously, but Beyond my Battle (BMB) was entrusting us with the task of informing the world of their passionate purpose.

With endless amounts of information and knowledge exchanged, we worked with BMB in creating the Google Ad account from the ground up. Working together was crucial this past year to know when the big donation times were, when new content was released or when there was an event that could use additional promotion. The combination of our services and the Google Ad Grant is equivalent to a kid in a candy shop; give us a basically limitless budget and the world is your oyster for promotion.

Almost a year later, our main strategist for the BMB account, Jaclyn Shyptycki said, “Beyond My Battle was actually my choice to receive the Do Good Grant, so for them to be picked at the beginning of the year and then for me to take on the account was amazing. Working on this account and with Martel has driven such a great amount of traffic to the site and the materials they offer. And we are actually working on a plan to continue our work together!”

And what did they think of us?


“We love you guys! We have enjoyed and appreciated working with you!”-- Martel Catalano, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Beyond My Battle.

While we could provide the results and successes of the campaign, this isn’t about that. This is about what was said above. The love to collaborate with each other for a greater purpose. To build something where the outcome is greater than the sum of its parts. To become invested in a cause with so much at stake, that’s why we did this.

And that’s why we do this...


The Next Recipient 

Currently, SIX is reading applicants’ stories for our next Do Good Grant selection. The ability for our agency here in Saratoga Springs, NY to help any company receive local, national, or international recognition is what we strive for.

With our local clients it’s extra rewarding to be able to take a 30,000-foot view of a cause with someone sitting across from you.

Having a partner you can sit with over lunch or dinner. To meet up and just see how they are doing. To be able to hand them a Christmas gift and see the smile spread across their face when they see how much we appreciate having them in our lives.

Because, no matter what gift we give them, it pales in comparison to the gift they provide us--the opportunity for us to do good.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

-Team SIX


















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