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Keith H.Mar 14, 20194 min read

SIX Spotlight: Jaclyn Shyptycki


"Be Human" is one of our core values here at SIX.

In an effort to display this, we are pulling back the curtain to show you the humans behind SIX.


This month, the member of Team SIX we’d like to introduce you to is Jaclyn Shyptycki-- 


Who are you? And what is your job at SIX?


“Jaclyn (Jac), I am a Marketing Strategist.”


When did you start here and how did you get here?


“I started at SIX in July of 2017.Before I even graduated from school I started researching companies and wondering where I wanted to begin my career. My sister actually introduced me to Chris, and said it might be a good idea to talk to someone in the industry to get some advice. I jumped on the opportunity. And that meeting turned into the start of my career!”

What is a day in your life at SIX like? Does it vary? If yes, how so?


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“Just kidding. My days as a Marketing Strategist vary. Right now, my focus is on Pay-Per-Click Advertising and strategy. Most of my days are filled with analyzing our clients' accounts, seeing what is working or could be working better and then optimizing the accounts. I am also trying to translate this information into our Client Portals in the best way possible so that our clients can stay updated with the progress of their accounts.

Every couple of months my focus in the company shifts so that I can become familiar with almost every aspect of SIX. When I first started I was learning Inbound Marketing, so my days were filled with learning different paths of a buyer's journey and how to best capture their eye.

Next, I think I am going to move to traditional media tactics, I have a degree in Public Relations so I plan on using what I learned in school combined with researching what works best today and could work for our clients. As much as digital marketing is the future, traditional still exists and we shouldn’t forget about it.”


What are your hobbies?


“Much like how my days at SIX vary, so do my days outside of SIX. There isn’t one thing I do consistently that would qualify as a hobby. I guess a trend I have going is doing different things outside; hiking, rowing, four-wheeling, any kind of watersport. Just not anything during the winter because I hate the snow and cold.”


Jac blog 3


Jac Blog 2


Jac blog 1


What is something when you tell someone they are shocked to know about you?


"I have a twin sister. I think this is mostly a shock factor because people don’t find this out immediately after I meet them, they find out months or years after I’ve known them. It’s not that I purposely don't tell people, I just refer to her as my sister not my twin."

We are completely different people and when I say I am a twin I know the line of questions that come after it:

  • Are you identical? (No)
  • Who’s older? (Me)
  • Wow, I bet your parents were shocked, right? (You betcha. Is there anyone who this doesn't come as a shock to?)
  • Do “twin” things ever happen? (Actually, yes. *twilight zone theme song* )


What is your favorite part about your job?


“Learning from everyone I work with. Whether it is my co-workers, clients, agency friends or whoever else I have the opportunity to meet, I love listening to their expertise, challenges, triumphs, all of it. Everyone has had different experiences and I feel like making these relationships are invaluable.

I also love having the opportunity to travel. I have been to 8 countries but hardly anywhere inside the U.S. so being able to have the potential to travel other major cities here is great. Although I do not suggest doing a day trip to Chicago. Woah.

We also get free lunch on Fridays which is cool.”


What is your greatest challenge at your job?


“Not having a definite answer to a question. My job is a lot of trial and error and I am still getting used to that.”


Why is this a challenge and what do you do to overcome it?


“I think the courses I took in college conditioned me to think of things in terms of there being a right answer and a wrong answer. It wasn't until my graduate program until I was really introduced to the fact that sometimes there isn’t even an answer, but you still need to come up with a solution. This mindset doesn’t come overnight (or so I’ve learned), so I work constantly at accepting when there could be multiple answers to a question or none at all but either way I need to find a solution.”


If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack vol 2.”


What is the last show you binge-watched?


“Mad Men. I want to have a challenge at work where we don't use Google for a whole week at work when we are brainstorming ideas for campaigns, I feel like that's how you learn how to dig deep into your subconscious and come up with something truly unique. Or how you get everyone to quit. Not sure.

But seriously everyone should watch at least the first season.”



Keith H.

Social Media Strategist | SIX Marketing