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Christopher Ryan Mar 23, 2017 1 min read

3 Content Marketing Hacks For You


We talk quite a bit around here about content marketing. I asked our SIX team what their favorite hacks were and here are the top 3 content marketing hacks we came up with.

1. Social Listening Hack

Take Advantage of Social Listening- see what is trending for your industry. Tools like Social Mention, Sprout Social and Klout will help you set up feeds to track the hottest topics. Then create content around these topics. Easy win.

2. Hack Your Competitor's Bit.ly

Use Bitly Hack to Research Your Competitors- most savvy businesses will use bitly (a link shortening service) to track their leads better. If you put a “+” sign after any bit.ly link in the world, you can see its performance.

Content Marketing Hacks from SIX Marketing

3. SEO Website Footer Hack

SEO Hack- if you have a hot piece of content, add it to your website’s footer. Google will view its popularity as exponential growth since it appears on every page on your website.

Short and sweet. That's all for today. Let's us know if you have any questions. Happy Hacking!


*We must confess, after discussing this among one another, we realized we all learned these from one seminar with HubSpot's Ryan Bonnici! Thanks fella. @ryanbonnici


Christopher Ryan

CEO & Supreme Commander | SIX Marketing