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Your Brand Guide to Controversial Content

Politics, Religion and Sports...Oh My!

With back to back holidays, the GOP debates and the Super Bowl still fresh on my mind, I began thinking about our controversial world. How do brands navigate such sensitive subjects? Even with several years experience as a Social Media Manager, it is still a tough question and continued debate.

The truth? It really depends on the brand.

In the social media world, life is timely...it just is. So what if something huge happens? Like the Supreme Court approves of same-sex marriage? It can get complicated!


Before you post, keep these three factors in mind:

1. You could lose a client.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Period. If a client feels strongly about a political issue and a brand posts their support for an opposite opinion, their view of you personally and professionally could change.

2. It might not be the right platform.

Facebook is a public forum, which means it welcomes comments. When it comes to religion, politics or sports, taking a side always means someone is on the other. Unwanted negative comments could show up and potentially decrease your brand reputation.

3. It isn’t the best use of your time.

Chances are when it comes especially to religion, politics or sports you’re not going to change anyone’s mind. So why spend your time posting content that won’t provide true, related value to your fans?

If you do decide it makes sense to post, you must know your brand, inside and out. Call a meeting with a few brand ambassadors to talk with them about your brand beliefs. Don’t make the decision on your own!

You don’t want to be well-known because of something like this…

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