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Megan Cornell

Your Political Posts on Social Media Are Actually Changing Minds. But How?

By Megan Cornell January 27, 2017

These past few months, the world has been split up into three kinds of people, and I’m not..

2017: The Social Marketing Revolution

By Megan Cornell November 17, 2016

If there’s anything we took away from #INBOUND16, it was the fact that social media marketing is..

We’re Going To #INBOUND16!

By Megan Cornell October 21, 2016
For the better part of 2016, SIX as an agency has been focusing on the future of marketing. What..

3 Ways To Use Your Competitors For Better Social Marketing

By Megan Cornell October 12, 2016

Competition is good for business.

It forces you to dream up new products and new campaigns just..

An Internship Review: Sanjuktha Mohan

By Megan Cornell July 19, 2016

“Reaching the world is truly only a whisper away.”

-Chris Ryan

Writing this reflection piece..

The Persuasion of Color in Branding

By Megan Cornell March 31, 2016

Colors seem so basic in our everyday lives. They seem to exist so intrinsically in our minds..

The Branding Style Guide You Never Thought You'd Need

By Megan Cornell March 24, 2016


“I don’t need a whole brand style guide, I’m a small business and I have the logo files.” It’s..

5 Minutes with Thought Leader Christopher Ryan on Marketing in 2016

By Megan Cornell March 15, 2016

Q: What are your biggest ideas coming into 2016 as a marketer?

The Perfect Tagline Recipe

By Megan Cornell January 28, 2016

I remember the first time someone said “it would be so fun and easy to be in marketing, creating..


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